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How Now, Brown Cow

I don’t know about you, but I LOOOVE my yogurt, and I do mean love. Especially, to be specific, that oh so creamy, oh so devilishly delicious greek yogurt. I still remember the first time I tried Greek yogurt, my face puckered in disbelief that this sour-cream, plain tasting $2+ container was so popular and I poured two splendas in it just to be able to stomach it. Fast forward two years later and I shell out a ridiculous amount of money weekly to get my greek yogurt fix. I eat in a variety of ways, in a yogurt mess, plain, with fruit, etc. I love that as an almost vegetarian, it has between 16-30 grams of protein, is low in sugar, super creamy and versatile enough to be used in many recipes. What I don’t love is the cost. I typically buy Fage at Trader Joes for 1.99 a yogurt, so when I was at Ralphs this weekend and saw that Voskos came out with a $1.49 8 oz plain nonfat greek yogurt, I thought what the hay and grabbed a few.

$1.49 for 8 ounces of greek yogurt with 24 grams of protein, it seemed to good to be true! My verdict? It is to good to be true. While the yogurt was definitely thicker than regular non-fat yogurt, it was no super thick, creamy, dreamy Fage. It also lacked the tang in some other greek yogurts, such as Chobani. I would describe it as a cross between Chobani and a regular nonfat yogurt. Perfect perhaps for someone transitioning to greek yogurt from regular yogurt or for use in a recipe. For now though, my bank account will just have to sigh in resignation, forĀ I’ll still be shelling out that extra .50 for my true love, Mr. Fage.

Do you like greek yogurt? What’s your favorite brand and way to use it?


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