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Girly Girls Lift Weights

Happy almost Friday! I started my day off with a fabulous workout. First I did 50 minutes of the Burn Baby Burn Workour #1 and then followed it with about 35 minutes of strength, doing the following circuit, which is based off of Mrs. Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up Int/Adv. Week 2 Workout. As promised in my last post, here’s my Strength Workout for this week:

Pump it Up Workout #1

Split Squat Overhead Press (10 Each Leg x 5 pds.)

Bicep Curls (12 x 10 pds.)

Dumbbell Boxing (1 minute)

One Legged Side-Arm Extension (12 each leg & Arm, 4 pds.)

Saxon Side Bends (10 each side, 5 pds)

Dumbbell Double Crunch (12, 3 pds)

Burpees (10)

Hammer Curls (12 x 10 pds.)

Chatarguna Hold (30 Seconds)

Reverse Plank (30 Seconds)

Repeat Circuit Twice for a total of three times.

Total Time: About 85 Minutes

Total Calories (according to my HRM): 750

It was a great workout! I feel like it was missing something though, typically I add it tricep dips but I was running short on time. I plan on adding about ten more minutes of strength in on Saturday. Depending on what my body thinks about the circuit tomorrow 🙂 That being said, my pump up the calories plan is going well too. I’ve been between 1800-2000 calories for the last two days. It’s amazing how much 1800-2000 calories of healthy food is! I must say, I felt pretty stuffed when I woke up this morning, but other than that I think my body is loving me finally giving it closer to what it needs. I’m getting hungrier more often, feeling more awake, and really feeling energized for my workouts! I’ve also noticed my heart rate is way higher during my workouts since the last few days of eating more. Interesting, I’m thinking this is because my body can work harder with more fuel.

Last night, I also had class, and finally my dream has been realized, in the words of Van Halen, I have a HOT teacher.

Lol. C’mon girls, you know you’ve all wanted at least one hot professor. 😉

Anywayzers, back to the grind, I’m thinking power yoga later and a delicious recipe!

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher/professor?


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A big goal of mine right now is to get PUMPED UP (said in the voice of our fave (or not so fave, depending on who you ask) governator here in California, Mr. Schwarzenegger). I currently run an average of 30-35+ miles a week, and cross train three days. Tell me to run 13+ miles and no problemo, man, I am your girl. Tell me to do five push-ups and um, yeah, I’m walking away with my tail between my legs. So, in an effort to improve my running (Stronger runner = faster runner) and to just feel more macho in general 😉 I’m on a mission, a mission to get strong. I don’t want to lose weight, but I do want to change my body composition to more muscular, build some more defined abbies and just get stronger in general. How am I going to do this? Here’s my Plan:

A good plan includes diet and exercise. Without both, you aren’t really setting yourself up to fully succeed. So here’s my breakdown:

Exercise: I’m training for various races throughout the year, (most currently a half marathon on February 14), and trying to get faster right now, so cutting down my cardio is not an option. Instead I plan on keeping my cardio/interval/etc. workouts in the morning and then weight lifting for 35-40 minutes in the afternoon three times a week, doing a total body circuit workout. This week I am using a modified version of the int/adv workout on Mrs. Fitnessista’s website (http://fitnessista.com/?p=5003) , i’ll post my specific routine for this week at a later post. I also plan on upping my interval training from two times a week to three. This will accomplish two goals, one is to get faster and also interval training about three times a week will increase my body’s ability to burn fat and then leave it open and more ready to adapt to building muscle and re-shaping my muscles, so my interval workouts will be the same mornings of my weight lifting days. (For ideas of a good interval workourt, see the post below)

(the diet plan includes specific numbers, so if you are recovering from an eating disorder and think it will trigger anything, please do not continue reading)

Diet: All the exercise in the world will not do much if your diet is not also up to par. I have a pretty clean diet and eat primarily whole foods. However, I am upping my calorie intake because currently I do not think I’m eating enough. When you don’t eat enough while keeping a high activity level, your body will do one of two things: 1) lose weight (muscle) 2) plateau but eat your muscle to find energy, leaving you the same weight but softer. I am currently eating about 1600 calories a day, however, I’m 22 years old and 5’9, and burn anywhere from 500-900 calories almost every day. Even with my small frame and a desk job/student lifestyle, I should be eating about 1670 calories a day just to maintain. So clearly, I’m not eating enough. In order to sculpt those sexy muscles I want, I need to give my body what it needs. I train like an athlete, I need to eat like one. I’m going to start with upping my calories to 1800-2000 a day for the next week (I started yesterday). I know this may seem low to some people still, but I’m upping it slowly to get my body used to it. Also, this is actually a bit scary for me, as, like so many other women (Especially runners) out there, I underestimate my caloric needs and have a history of under-fueling so I am taking it one step at a time. I eat a lot of healthy, low calories foods, so it’s also hard for me to reach this number. In order to fit in the extra calories, I plan on re-shaping my meals to mini-meals to add more calories and also drinking lots of water to decrease the possibility of bloat I’ve read can come from upping your calories. I also plan on including one high day, and one low day (1500), in other words, calorie cycling to shock my body. This site includes a great calculator for calorie cycling if you’re interested: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

So, there you have it, my plan to pump up the program for me strength wise. I’ll post re-caps of how it is going and my weekly routines. Is there anything else you’d be interested in hearing about from me regarding this? Also, feel free to join in on me with the plan to Pump It Up!

What are your fitness goals right now?

‘Till Later, Hasta La Vista Baby!

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To find you with that look upon your face. C’mon you know you’re singing along. 😉 Long time no talk. I disappeared off to the land of school, work and stress. Still visiting here, (pretty much have set up shop here for the next few years, ah the joys of being a working student…) but I missed y’all. So here I am, re-entering blogosphere. I’ll just jump right in, shall I?

One of my goals this year is to Speeeeed UP! (I’ll do a post on more goals later) How to accomplish said goal? One word: Intervals. Pure and Simple, Intervals will not only whip your body into shape but they will make you faster. What are intervals you ask? In its most basic definition, interval training involves alternating between high and low intensity in measured spurts of exercise. The aim is to get your heart rate up, then briefly bring it down so your body can recover before you raise it again. As a result of the energy required in consistently raising and lowering your heart rate your body burns calories more effectively in a shorter period of time. Not a bad deal, right? A good sign you are doing it right is the huffing and puffing you’re doing, the steam blowing out of your nose and the look on your face that suggests you may keel over at any moment (oh wait, is that just me?) ; )

There are many benefits to interval training, here are just a few: It will build your endurance, burn more calories in a shorter period of time, stimulate your metabolism and body’s ability to burn fat, make you used to operating at a higher intensity (in other words you will be able to run faster), and it will make you feel like a bad ass. This morning I did one of my favorite 65 minute interval speed & hill workouts, which is as follows for you to try for your enjoyment. Intervals can be done with any form of exercise, but this is specifically designed for runners and done on the treadmill.

Burn Baby Burn Workout #1

5 Min W/up @ 6.3 (spd) & 2.0 Incline

.50 Mile @ 7.2 (Spd) & 2.0 Incline

.25 Mile  @ 6.4 (Spd) & 2.0 Incline

.50 Mile @ 6.4 (spd) & 5.0 Incline

.25 Mile  @ 6.4 (Spd) & 2.0 Incline

.50 Mile @ 7.2 (Spg) & 2.0 Incline

.25 Mile  @ 6.4 (Spd) & 2.0 Incline

.50 Mile @ 6.4 (spd) & 5.0 Incline
Repeat Sequence, alternating between the .5 mile hill running, recovery .25 mile run, and .5 mile speed run until you reach 60 Minutes. Adjust speeds and total time to fitness level.

5 Min Cooldown @ 6.3 Spd & 2.0 Incline

Total Time: 65 Min. Total Miles: 7.0 Total Calorie Burn (according to my Polar f4): 630

Let me know if you try it, by the end of the workout you should be feeling both energized and like this:


What are some of your favorite workouts?

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