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Confucius Say…

“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart” – Confucius

So, I’ve been doing a bit of deep thinking over the past few days, (which probably means I need more sleep and am about to make no sense, lol, so bear with me as this post is most likely going to be all over the place), about passions. I have lots of passions. I’m passionate about running, writing, good food, books, films, health, and family. And maybe a few other things. I love the exhilerating feeling of pushing myself during a run while the sun shines cheerily on my face, it’s golden beans seemingly filled with an aura of my small successes, I love pouring my soul onto paper, watching the words in my heart flow out from the ink in my pen, I adore the way good food leaves you with that sense of happy fulfillment or the way a good book or film can tug at your heartstrings and make an imprint on your soul, changing the way you view life forever. Because I love these things so much, I try to fill my life with them all as much as possible. Which makes sense right? You should endeavor to have a life filled to the brim with the things that bring you happiness.

But when do these passions become obsessions? When does enjoying something turn into being addicted to something, when do we cross that line and go too far and no longer have the passions be a part of us but become us. These passions should be part of who we are, not who we are.

I think sometimes we need to remember to not let these completely things define us. I love running, but sometimes I know I take it too far.  I am not less of a runner if I sometimes run less than other times and my day is not ruined if I miss a run. I love healthy eating, but there is nothing wrong in not having a perfect diet all the time, that does not make me less of a healthy eater. And so on. And if I was not a runner, or did not love healthy eating, I would still be just as great of a person and just as worth everything.

Something that my yoga teacher said the other day that really resonated with me, is we are perfect as we are, faults and all, we do not need to change, or be better, or be faster, smarter, stronger, etc., we are truly perfect and beautiful just as we are.

Sometimes I think the perfectionist in me feels like I need to excel at everything, esp. my passions in order for me to consider it a passion. I love cooking, but you know what, half the time I bake something or make a complicated dinner it turns out amazing and the other half…ya..not so much. Let’s also say I have a couple burns on my hands to show that I have fought the kitchen…and the kitchen won a couple times, lol. Also, I run long distance, and I love that feeling, but I don’t have to compete in every race and I will most likely never win a marathon or be as fast as some other runners (hello crazy Kenyans…), and that’s ok, it can still be my passion even if I’m not number one at it.

Maybe part of what this is really about is needing to take it easy and be fully comfortable with who you are, I love the woman I am and am becoming with each day, but sometimes I feel the need to do more, be more, push it in the areas of my passions, even when I know it’s not the best. (Like in running for example, upping mileage when I’m tired and sore, etc.) I also think it is important to enjoy your passions without getting caught up in the competition or being the best or comparisions.

Sometimes I feel like every day, every week, every hour is slipping by so fast, I want to remember to live in the moment, to not let my passions become obsessions or define me, to delight in my passions and who I am, strengths and weaknesses, and to enjoy every moment.

I love this quote: “Happiness is not a brillant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment.”

I think sometimes we need to be reminded that we are perfect as we are, and to revel in each and every moment and to enjoy our passions for ourselves.

And on a totally different note, I’m loving this quote by confucius right now too: “”It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”  You can bet I’ll be saying that a lot to myself during the RNR Marathon this month, lol. That and “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keeping Swimming, swimming, swimming…” (for those of you who are not geeky like me, that is from Finding Nemo) : )

What are your passions? Do you ever feel like you get caught up in comparisions or competition in your passions or the need to always excel?


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Sleepy Sunday

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend! Mine has been lots of fun so far! Friday night I went to On the Border with my best friend and a SoCo. on the Rocks w/lime and chicken fajitas. I wanted a margarita w.out the margarita mix (tequila, lime, triple sec, club soda), but for some reason the bar couldn’t make this. So soco it was, I almost never order hard alcohol, but man, I’m not going to lie, a drink after this long week of hw and work felt good : ) I LOVE chicken fajitas, as long as they’re not oily. These were perfect. : ) Saturday was a long training run for the the Rock and Roll Marathon, I was scheduled to do twenty miles, but am behind on mileage due to an injury a few weeks ago, I thought it would be better to pick up my training where I left off than push myself too hard too fast now and injure myself again. You shouldn’t increase your mileage by more than ten percent a week. I ended up doing 17 miles and walking for ten minutes afterwards. The run went pretty well, although I definitely got some pretty funny looks from people. I looped past the same people about 3 times within the space of a couple hours in Hillcrest, they were cheering me on with “You Go Girls!” by the third loop. Lol. Afterwards I met up with my best friend for a girls day and we went to power yoga at my yoga studio. Normally I would never have done this after a long run but she wanted to try it and it actually felt amazing after the long run! I think it really stretched my tight muscles out and today I’m barely sore. If you’re a distance runner, I fully recommend trying a yoga class after your long runs. Anyways, after that we spent the day just hanging out. We met up with another one of my friends for lunch at Firehouse in Pb. I really like this restaurant. The restaurant has the traditional flip flops, pacific beach, laid back feeling to it but with a touch of class. They have tables on the roof, which is fun.

We sat inside yesterday though because it was chilly. I had a chicken sandwich w.out the bread, w/goat cheese, fresh avocado, and a side of fruit. It was heavenly! I always create my own meal off the menu, haha. (forgot to take a pic., sorry)

Later on that day, my friend and I went to Babycakes, which is essentially heaven on earth. I LOVE FROSTING, I’m not that into cake, unless it’s a really well made special one, but I love me some good frosting. And 17 miles deserves a frosting award wouldn’t you say? It’s a cupcake shop in Hillcrest with a cozy, hidden cottage feel to it and serves a vide variety of different cupcakes, espresso drinks, wine, and beer.

I’m sad to say however, I got the pomegranate green tea cupcake, took one bite of it and proceeded to drop the cupcake. :  ( Bummer. I’ll have to go back and take a picture of my cupcake next time (And actually eat the cupcake!!) This shop is dangerously close to where I live so I’m sure I’ll be back. After that I just hung out w/the boy. Mario Kart Wii (Which is the bomb!) and Two and Half Men may have been involved : )

Today, I’m just chilling at home and doing homework, I did a very light workout at the gym earlier, went grocery shopping and got my haircut. Later I plan on making dinner here for the boy and I. My parents moved to St. Louis for my father’s job a year and a half ago, so sadly I don’t get to see my Mom today. I sent her flowers though, of course. I plan on doing a grocery shopping post later today or tomorrow.

Off I go to do homework, I’m so sad it’s sunday! It’s my least favorite day of the week, at least on Monday you are already four days away from the weekend. I live for my weekends, it that sad? : )

Did you do anything fun this weekend? And what’s your favorite dessert splurge?

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After a shaky start and a brief hiatus from the blog world, I’m back. I stopped blogging because I felt it was too stressful to blog. Between school, my legal assistant job, my social life, and my training, I began to feel that my blog as a heavy weight on my shoulders. So many bloggers posted 3 times a day and here I only had time for every other day, definitely not time to take pictures of every meal and relate everything in my day. However, recently I’ve seen quite a few of my favorite bloggers speak out about how they’ve decided they may not post daily or talk about how while they often feel the pressure to post several times a day, that may not work for them and it’s their blog, which they maintain for their intention.

It began to dawn on me and I had a revolution of thought. I don’t have to post three times a day, every morsel that goes into my mouth or according to a certain schedule. I started this blog because I have a passion for running, fitness, healthy eating and love the ideas, support, and friendship that stems from the blog world. The writer in me also finds the blog world appealing a way to document my thoughts and life.

So I’m back. I don’t know what format this will take. This blog will be about my thoughts, my training, healthy living, and who knows. I plan to just roll with the punches because this is my blog and it should be about who I am. I hope that you will read and enjoy my adventures, discoveries, tips, and journey with me.

Also, on a different note, I completed the La Jolla Half Marathon! I finished with an average of a 9 min. 53 second pace, which is actually 7 seconds faster than my goal (My goal was to average a 10 min. mile). Pictures are below of me crossing the finish line and of La Jolla. It was a BEAUTIFUL race, but hard, we ran through a mountain and it was at least 80% uphill. CRAAZZZY! I remember seeing the first mountain and thinking, “are you ****ing kidding me?” Lol. But so worth it in the end. : ) It was an amazing day, I promise next race I will do a full recap. I plan on updating the La Jolla Half Training Schedule to reflect my current workouts.

I love this picture, I think I look like I’ll run someone over if they get in front of me : )


I had a very dorky finish with both of my arms in the air crossing the finish line, but for some reason they didn’t photograph it. I’m the one in orange behind the lady crossing the finish.

We ran along the entire coastline, it was gorgeous!

Assuming all goes well, I believe next up is the RNR Marathon!

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