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TGIF Baby!

(Sorry about the small writing for the first half of the post, I can’t figure out how to make it bigger?)

Happy Friday lovies! Woo-hoo, I just love Friday, I mean fabulous, fun and Friday all start with F, coincidence? I think not! (yes, I’ve definitely already had my coffee as I’m sure you can tell, lol) I think it’s going to be a fun weekend! I have a stand up comedy show planned for tonight(!!), a long run tomorrow, trips to the bookstore and the grocery store and lots more! Yay for the weekend : ) Now if only it was 5:30, do Fridays drag on for you at work too? Anywayzers, as promised here is an example of my daily meals, this is from Wednesday, sorry it took so long to post, crazy week at work and school

 I started off with half an English muffin w/pb before hitting up the gym and then going to my 7:00 A.M. Power Yoga class. Nothing says motivation like peanut butter. I always have to have a snack before I work out in the morning as I ALWAYS wake up hungry, without fail. Also, studies have shown that it’s best to eat within 30 minutes to an hour of waking up as it boosts your metabolism for the day.



In exciting news I joined my local yoga studio! They have multiple locations too, which I love, three are all within 10 minutes of me, (Pacific Beach, HillCrest, Point Loma) I think I’ve officially fallen in love with Power Yoga, who’d have thought this running addict would love yoga?  After a fabulous workout of 40 Min. of Hill and Speedwork (Incline 9.5 and then lower w.varying speeds, switching up every 400 meters, you can also find my workouts on the LJ Half Training schedule page) and a 60 minute Power Yoga class I jammed on over to work and had my typical workday breakie. 1 Fage 0%, 1 Banana, strawberries, 1/3 c. Oat Bran, 1/3 C. Pumpkin, 1 Tbsp. Trader Joes All Natural PB and a whole heck of a lotta cinnamon (I left the yogurt prettified and mussied it up w.cinnamon after the pic) I love this breakfast combo, the healthy fats, protein and carbs keep me going until lunch every time!



I worked for a few hours and then had a great lunch of Cottage Cheese, ½ of a huge red bell pepper, a couple leftover pear slices, an apple, more strawberries, and a salad with cucumbers and a chicken sausage. This lunch took me FOREVER to eat and was amazing, loved all the crunch! I love lunches with lots of components, they’re always really fun to eat.



For a snack I tried a new yogurt from Trader Joes, It’s a European Mocha style yogurt. I was a little leery trying this yogurt as I’m 1) addicted to greek yogurt and 2) while I like coffee, I often don’t like coffee or mocha flavored foods. Verdict? It was SO GOOD! Seriously, this yogurt was creamy, rich, chocolaty and just DECADENT. It was amazing, I would definitely buy it again. I stirred in ½ C. TJ High Fiber cereal (love these little twigs!) with it. 


I came home and did some ever so fun homework (hah, yeah…), for dinner I had one of my favorites, roasted veggies and an egg white scramble. My roasted veggies were a mix of sweet potato, brussel sprouts and broccoli. I sprayed them with Olive Oil and topped them with chili powder, sea salt, and cinnamon, then roasted them for 20 minutes at about 400 degrees, turning once halfway. Here’s a pic of them before they went in:


Seriously, roasting veggies is so easy and delish!

And my scramble has L.Cow Swiss and GOAT MILK BRIE cheese (i.e. heaven on earth)


I can eat an impressive amount of veggies, : ) And I admit to LOVING mustard and ketchup on eggs. I’m sure lots of people find that simultaneously gross and wierd. Lol. Do you have anything you put on food or a wierd food combo that others would find strange? 7 more hours until the weekend! Not that I’m counting or anything : )

Oh, and there may or may not have been a frozen yogurt topped with whip cream and granola, apparently it was so delicious my camera ate the pic, sorry!


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Hey everyone! Just wanted to apologize for being MIA the last few days, My Mom was visiting from out of state over the weekend (my Parents moved to St. Louis for my Dad’s job last year) and Spring Break is next week for me and I’m convinced my Professors have a secret pact to throw as much HW at us before Spring Break as they can : ( Don’t worry though, my weekend was still filled with fun things like dinner at a fab. Cajun restaurant and sushi restaurant, and there may or may not have been some karaoke…and someone may or may not have sang “I will survive” w/all her friends sometime around 12:30 a.m. Saturday night. uh…yeah….lol. What can I say? Classic karaoke song, Good times : ) I tried to get the guys to go up with us and sing Love Shack but I’m afraid it was a no go: ( maybe next time. It was a fun night, the fifty year old bartender was singing karaoke to Eminem songs  all night w/out looking at the words and while mixing drinks, impressive! Next time I promise to remember my camera!

Anywayzers, I’m at ze office right now (shhh…) So I’m going to keep this post short. Later tonight I plan on doing something different w/my posts today and actually posting all my meals for the day in case you’re interested to see how this crazy Cali Girl, fitness and running enthusiast keeps herself fueled. Maybe I’ll keep up the meal posting depending on the response, or at least one meal a day, idk we shall see.

Topic/Tip of the day:

Calories Schmalories in My Cocktail Schmocktail 


Other than the occasional glass of wine, I don’t drink very often. But some occasions call for a fun cocktail. In order to keep the calories and hangovers down on those nights when you want to let your hair down a bit or are just hankering for a cocktail, here are some tips:

  • Avoid Soda, Sugary Mixers, and Juice in your cocktails – These not only lead to high calorie cocktails, the extra sugar in your drink is a one way ticket to hangover city.
  • If you need to have a mixer, stick with low calories mixers, such as diet soda, tonic, sugar free syrups, lemon or lime juice, etc.
  • Stay away from Mr. Blender – unless you are mixing it yourself, try and avoid blended drinks, they often include heavy calorie additions such as sugary mixes (think flavored Margaritas, etc) or cream (Pina Colada, Mudslide, etc.)
  • Use small glasses – Most alchohol glasses are double or triple the serving size. Aim for 1.5 oz of hard liquors such as vodka (about 100 calories) or 5 oz for drinks such as wine (about 100-120 calories)
  • If it’s going to be a long night, alternate every drink with a mocktail. I like to order club soda with a twist of lime, not only does it rehydrate my body in between drinks, but it looks like a cocktail so no one pressures you to order a drink.
  • Do not order a double or triple, if you have a second drink you will regret that first macho drink
  • Ask for double the amount of ice – not only does it add hydrating water to your drink (Again, trying to avoid a visit from Mr. Hangover) but it also cuts down on the amount of alcohol in your drink
  • Order a flavored liquor with club soda – This is one of my favorite things to do, it elimates any extra calories from mixers, still has flavor, and has water for hydration!

And I leave you with my Saturday night invention and new fave Cocktail to order:

Pour the following over ice: Pear Vodka, Club Soda, Splash of Apple Pucker, and a Twist of lime. So good! I’m thinking of naming it the Prickly Apple or maybe the Pearnapple, what do you think, any suggestions?

What are your tips for going out and favorite drinks to order?

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