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Topic of the week: Loving yourself through taking care of yourself.




Something that is so important that women often overlook is taking care of themselves first. Once I was in an unhealthy relationship where I didn’t take care of myself or self love at all. I put him first when it came to everything, including my own happiness, convincing myself that he was worth putting myself last, that this was what love was.  I was no longer sure of what my place was in this world, or even of who I was in my own inner world. For so long I had been a part of a relationship that was emotionally abusive that I fell deeper and deeper into it and lost who I was. When that relationship was over, I spent a few weeks floating through my life, I was a ghost of a person that had been gone for so long, I didn’t know how to start looking for her again. But I did and I found the strong, resilient woman I had been all along that I am proud to be. Ever since then I have always vowed to put loving myself and taking care of myself first.


 One of the most important, meaningful things you can say to yourself, is I love me. Our culture is all about life in the fast lane. Women that take on everything and anything and often put others interests before their own are often praised for their selflessness. As women, we are naturally nurturers, so we want to take care of other’s needs and often put them before our own. The problem with putting others needs before our own is that it leads to resentment and a feeling of dissatisfaction with out lives. Another thing women often do, (I am guilty of this), is try to be the ultimate multi-tasker. We want to take on anything and everything, it’s been instilled in our minds that saying no is a weakness. This is especially true for us type A personalities out there. We are ingrained with an “all or nothing” attitude. It’s an attitude that I know I myself have to fight daily. Putting others needs before our own and having an all or nothing attitude leads to feelings of overwhelment, emotional and physical exhuastion, and unhappiness. Putting self-care has to be first. You can’t truly love someone else or succeed without making sure you love yourself and are taking care of yourself first.


Self-care is empowering. Doing something just for you will renew and revitalize your spirit, giving you the energy to succeed and provide for yourself and others.


Self care is:


  • Knowing when to say no
  • Listening to your body, this might mean saying to a workout when you are exhausted, or going to bed earlier because you need sleep
  • Taking some time for you doing something you love every day. For me this is running, for you it might be reading, cooking, etc.
  • Taking care of your body through proper nutrition and exercise. Just a 2% dip in body hydration can cause fatigue, headaches, depression and a 20% loss in energy
  • Taking stock of the people in your life that make you happy and getting rid of the negative influences in your life. This may mean getting out of a bad relationship, friendship, job, etc.


I challenge myself, and you to make sure you do something every day that is just for you. To make sure you appreciate yourself for who you are daily and show that appreciation to yourself by taking care of yourself.


I do this by cooking healthy, yummy meals for myself and participating in activities that I love, such as yoga or running.


Is there an activity in your life that you consider your “me” time? Or what do you do or tips do you have to make sure you are taking care of yourself?





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Hi everyone! I hope your Tuesday has been fabulous, the week is almost half over! Is it bad I’m already counting down to the weekend? : ) Yesterday, sticking with the program I did a very slow, strangely tortuous feeling five miles. Maybe my long run after less than five hours of sleep on Saturday had more of an effect on me that I thought? Oh well, the important thing is I got through it, whenever I’m just not feeling a run, I start pep-talking to myself halfway through it. Stuff like “You can DOOOO it!” (I say this to myself like the guy in Waterboy haha) and I try to lose myself in the songs I’m listening to, much to the horror  I’m sure of anyone I’m passing by that has to listen to me sing, lol.  Do you sing out loud when you run or workout too?

I mentioned yesterday that I have a week of free membership to the CorePower Yoga studios. I decided I have every intention of taking as much advantage as possible of this free week and so I’m going to try to go to a Power Yoga class every day this week. Therefore, I woke up at the scary , ever so fun hour of 5 a.m. this morning to get my speedwork/hillwork in before a Hot Yoga class ay 6:30.

Now, I love exercise, to me there is nothing that beats that feeling of sweaty euphoria at the end of a good workout. But sometimes doing the same exercise can get repetive and will also yield less results because your muscles get used to it. A great way to add a jumpstart to your routine is to do a hill or speedwork instead of your normal run on the treadmill, an example would be my treadmill workout this morning:

Bump It Up Treadmill Workout

  • 400 Meters @ 6.0, 1,0 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 7.5 mph, 1.0 incline
  • 400 meters @ 4.2 mph, 9.5 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 6.0, 3,0 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 7.5 mph, 1.0 incline
  • 400 meters @ 4.2 mph, 9.5 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 6.0, 4,0 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 7.5 mph, 1.0 incline
  • 400 meters @ 4.2 mph, 9.5 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 6.0, 5,0 incline
  • 400 Meters @ 7.5 mph, 1.0 incline
  • 400 meters @ 4.2 mph, 9.5 incline

Total time: About 35-40 Minutes, you can add repititions for as long as a workout you want.

I did 35 minutes of this and I was definitely sweating bullets by the end of this. After my 35 min. hill wkout I sped on over to a different CorePower Yoga Studio to take a 6:30 class. The studio was in Point Loma, and I have to say I liked the Hillcrest studio better. While the practice was great, the studio was having problems with their heating and therefore it never got higher than 85 degrees in the studio. I was definitely sweating my booty off anyway, but I really missed the heat because it helps my flexibility and ability to go deeply into the poses tremendously. The heated rooms in power yoga classes (95-105 degrees) make for a much harder workout that yields more cardiovascular, flexibility and detoxification benefits.  Tomorrow I plan on attending class at the Hillcrest studio, which is actually closer to me. After my yummy endorphin filled morning I spent the day doing fun stuff like going to class and work. I did however have a fabulous dinner of a goat cheese brie egg white omelette with roasted butternut squash, a roasted mini sweet potato, and broccoli. Love it when the cheese is just oozing out! A-MAZ-ing!

And uh, yeah that would be a Christmas plate that I’m still using, I’m not ashamed, lol. sdc10237

I’m off to do some studying for my Ace Certification and do some homowork before hitting the hay at 9:00. Yes, 9:00 p.m. and yes, I am ninety ; )  Have a good night!

What’s your favorite exercise routine you never get tired of or favorite way to shake up your exercise routine?

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I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was definitely full of fabulousity! Saturday night the boy and I hit up Black Angus with a coupon we had and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly with a four course dinner. And yes there was dessert. It came in the form of a mountain of chocolately heaven, that looked like this:

Um Yeah, HOLY YUM, is right. So after a few bites of that chocolate montrosity of goodness, we headed out.

Sunday morning, I tried something new. POWER YOGA. I went to this studio in Hillcrest: http://www.corepoweryoga.com/. The studio was cute and had a very earthy feel to it. I felt relaxed just upon walking in. Incense was burning heavily in the air and the atmosphere was very welcoming. I can see myself becoming a regular at this studio.

Hillcrest Locker Room Hillcrest Lounge Hillcrest Entry



Power Yoga


Power Yoga is a Vinyasa style yoga, which emphasizes the connection to breathing and your body. It’’s designed to generate internal heat through fast flows and takes place in a heated room, which is typically somewhere between 95-105 degrees. It’s supposed to detoxify the body, increase strength, core strength, balance and focus. I’ve been doing Bikram Yoga for the last couple weeks, but wanted to try something new. So I took their Power Yoga Intermediate class. And it KICKED MY BUTT. and IT WAS AWESOME. I feel a new obsession coming on. By the end of the class, I was pouring sweat out of my body, every limb felt stretched, painful, and rejuvenated. I highly recommend this style of yoga. The best part is, I have a whole week of free classes this week that I have every intention of taking advantage of! : )


Caitlin over at one of my favorite blogs, www.healthytippingpoint.com, wrote about an article she read that discussed that although eating organically is important, that the average American’s diet is riddled with junk already that what we really need to focus on more is eating healthily. This made me think about the topic of fast food consumption in America, which is a topic we are exploring in one of my classes.

At least one quarter of American adults eat fast food everyday and one out of every eight adults has worked in a fast food restaurant at some time during his or her lives. The average American consumes three hamburgers and four orders of french fries a week. That’s 90 grams of fat and 2,520 calories. Most people only need about 2,000 calories daily and Americans are getting more than that in on meal. Fast food has become so prevalent in our daily culture that the average American doesn’t think twice about eating it daily and fast food is an integral part of our daily lives. I think people need to start putting more focus on creating their own healthy meals at home. Students discussing fast food in my class could not even comprehend the idea of taking the time to make their own meals. One specifically said it is not possible. I have a full time job, train for races, go to yoga, am studying for my personal trainer certification, and go to school. And I make the time to make my own meals. I wake up earlier to make breakfast, pre-cut vegetables on the weekend, pack my lunches the night before and make sure I have healthy on the go options to grab such as protein bars, yogurt, fresh fruit, cottage cheese containers (Single serve), carrots, string cheese, etc.

What do you think about fast food in America? Do you find yourself relying on it because of a busy schedule or what extra steps do you take to make sure you have the time to prepare your own meals?

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Call Me A Believer

Aloha! Happy Saturday everyone! Sorry I went MIA. Last night was a late night. After work my best friend came over and we got ready and headed out with the boy to PB. Dinner was at PB Bar & Grill (sorry no picture), it was chicken fajitas. I LOVE fajitas. They are actually a pretty healthy mexican option, you just have to make sure to ask them for as little oil as possible. Also, unless the tortillas are really good, I personally never eat more than half a tortilla. I did have a a couple drinks and one shot (of Jagger, yeah, I didn’t choose the shot). Honestly, I’m pretty 90 for a 21 year old, so having a couple drinks and staying out super late is abnormal for me, but hey, you only live once right? I sadly ended up getting stuck in PB until one a.m. yesterday, which meant I didn’t get home and asleep until two A.M. and boy was I NOT a happy camper about this. I CANNOT sleep in this morning, so despite my late night, I was still awake at 7:30. So yeah, I got 5 hours of sleep on a long run day. I do not recommend this.

I sleepily dragged myself out of bed and fueled up with a cup of coffee and for some reason I was starving so I decided to have a full breakfast and just wait a little longer to run. Breakfast was a 1/3 c. TJ Oat Bran, 1 tbsp. organic raspberry preserves, 1 tbsp. TJ crunchy pb., with a side of 1/2 c. egg whites, spinach, and hot sauce. It was glorious : )  After a couple hours of homework, I decided it was time to vamoose and I hit the road.

Run Statistics:

  • Duration: 1 hr, 31 Min.
  • Distance: 9.87 Miles (Approx.)

Avg. Pace: 9:11min/mi

  • Avg HR: 152
  • Max HR: 166

Calories Burned: 847

THIS WAS A NEW PR FOR ME!!! : ) There’s a few steep hills in my neighborhood, so this was a pretty fast pace for me. I think I was so tired, that I was just pushing myself to get it over with and then somewhere around mile 5 I hit that endorphin high and I was feelin’ good. Gotta love those endorphins : ) I also think I ran it faster because I tapered last week, most training plans suggest that you put in a taper week every few weeks of training in order to allow your body to recover and “crave” those miles again. Two weeks ago I ran a 15K Race and then last week I believe my longest run was a little less than 6 miles, so I think my legs were craving the feeling of pounding the pavement. I am officially a believer in taper weeks. I LOVE running and NEW PRS, and my new workout clothes I’m wearing today might have had something to do with it. lol. I adore cute wkout clothes.

Anywayzers, once I got home I was definitely hungry, so I whipped up lunch.

This may not look appetizing but it was SCRUMDIDDILYUMPTIOUS. (say that five times fast, haha) This is 1/2 c. Black Refried Beans, 1/2 c. Egg Whites, spinach, 1. Laughing Cow Chz, and 1/4 Avocado all mixed together. MMmmm. On the side I had some carbs in the form of a WW English Muffin with 1/2 tbsp. Smart Balance. There also may or may not have been a cpl bites of frozen yogurt : )



Right now I’m watching The Tudors and I’m thinking some homework and a nap is in my near future. I’m also thinking of going to a bikram class tonight to stretch out my legs.

Any fun plans for tonight?

Have a great Saturday!

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Good Morning! This morning I woke up at the horrific hour of 5:15, I’m an early riser but waking up before six always kills me, that extra hour really makes a difference. Sadly I got a little less than 7 hours of sleep last night, but regardless I sleepily munched half a banana with some pb and dragged my booty on over to Spin class. I’m so glad I went! Spin kicked my butt today, that’s for sure! It’s been awhile since I’ve gone, the classes fill up really fast and are always very early so it’s hard to make it. I got there early so I warmed up on the treadmill a bit beforehand.

Workout Duration:

  • Spin: 50 Minutes (I left when they started the cooldown)
  • Treadmill Warm-up and Cool Down: 20

Calories Burned: 630

Yeah, so you can definitely say I was ready for Breakfast.

Breakfast was 1/3 C. TJ Oat Bran (Thank you Heather at www.Heatheatsalmondbutter.com for introducing me to this glorious yumminess that is Oat Bran), 1/3 C. Organic Pumpkin, splash vanilla, 1 tbsp. PB, 1 Fage 0%, 1 banana, and LOTS of Cinnamon. I am seriously convinced there is no such thing as too much cinnamon.


Sorry for the horrible tupperware and messy desk, I’ll have to find a way to prettify my work meals for you. I can assure you though, while it may have not looked appetizing it was scrumptious.

So I mentioned over the last couple days that I plan on running the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 26th. I’m really excited and really nervous about this race because it’s supposed to be one of the most challenging half marathons there is due to several steep, long, intense hills. I tend to follow a loose training schedule, but I think it may help me to write it out for this race because I’m nervous about those hills, and I want to make sure I’m prepared to smoke ‘em. : )

I’m going to start the training schedule off of today. The following training schedule is based off of what I’ve found works for me, Hal Hidgon’s training schedule, and runners world:










MAR 16



9 M


MAR 23

5 M.

Hill WK


Hill WK


10 M


MAR 30

5 M.


Hill WK



10 M.



5 M.

Hill/Spd. WK


Hill WK


11 M.


APR 13

5 M.

Hill/Spd. WK


Hill WK


12 M.


APR 20

5 M.

Hill/Spd WK


3 Mi.






  • Hill WK: Hill work will be 4-5 Miles done on the treadmill at varying speeds and inclines.
  • Spd WK: 400 Meters @ level 3 difficulty, alternating with 400 Meters @ level 1 difficulty
  • XT- Elliptical, Stairmaster, Cycle, etc.

I’ll also be creating a page where to refer back to this schedule and to document my actual workouts. I do like to switch it up, so there may be some variance off of this schedule.

Anywayzers, back to work for me. It’s almost the weekend, WOO HOO! Any fun plans for this weekend? I think I’m heading on over to Pacific Beach tonight, which should be interesting since it’s usually not my thing & I almost never do the traditional go out scene, I swear my birth certificate says I’m 21, but I’m actually 90!

Do you follow like training schedules? If you use one, how closely do you actually end up following it?

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After work today, I ran a couple errands at the grocery store and bank. I was out of bananas(!) which for me is just not acceptable no worries though, I’m all set now. Before I left work I snacked on a string cheese and a Blueberry Kashi Z-Bar. I love these bars! Seriously, if you have not tried one, you need to, if you warm it up for 10 seconds in the microwave, it taste just like a blueberry muffin.

Anyway, once I got home, I had no idea what I wanted for dinner, finally, after staring at my fridge for a good few minutes, I came up with this deliciousness:


1/2 Trader Joes GOAT CHEESE Pizza with Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts

Mmmm….just look at that cheezy goodness : )


Salad w/Cucumbers, a beet, and salsa

And then, my sweet tooth hit of course and I had the following cup of heaven:


 This is frozen yogurt, with a sprinkling of TJ High Fiber cereal, and whip cream. Yeah, it was fabulous. I get my frozen yogurt from this place www.paradiseyogurt.com and I absolutely love this place! They offer this Wow Cow frozen yogurt that is all natural, sweetened with natural fruit sugars and only ten calories an ounce.

I also had several unpictured bites of cucumber and broccoli. I think for food posts it’s going to be so hard for me to wait until I’m done taking pictures and preparing everything to eat. I tend to nibble on the veggies I’m chopping as I make dinner. I suppose I’ll have to be patient, it’s probably a good thing as I’ll appreciate the aesthetics of my food more instead of diving right in!

I’m so happy it’s almost Friday! I plan on a spin class in the morning before work and then I’ll post the training schedule in the morning. Normally I don’t follow an exact training schedule as I like to wing it, but this time I think I’d really like to increase my speed a bit so I’m going to try to step it up and loosely follow one.

Question: Do you nibble while you cook too?

As I said above, I’m definitely guilty! At least I mostly eat veggies.

Well, I’m off to dream about the weekend! : ) Have a good night!

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So, I typed up a huge, LONG post, and somehow it all disappeared?!? Has this every happened to anyone, any tips? So this short will sadly be a bit shorter, sorry.

I had every intention of grabbing my camera this morning, but realized I forgot it. Today was one of those morning where you think you have a lot of time and then all of a sudden you realize you are running late. Don’t you hate that? Anywayzers, due to my lack of pics, I will give you a couple fun pics of me at the end of the post. : ) So this morning, I woke up and was planning on running outside, but took one peek out the window and saw it was DARK, like really, really dark. It’s funny that I hate running in the dark, because I am THAT crazy person you see running in the snow, the rain, etc., but the dark = no go. So, being the wimp I sometimes am to running in the darkness, I headed over to the gym and did an Ash-Mix-A-Lot workout (That was my weak attempt to make a play off of sir-mix-a-lot lol)

  • 20 Min Elliptical
  • 20 Min Stairmaster
  • 2.0 Miles Treadmill, varying at 6.0mph and 5.0 incline, and 8.0mph, 0% incline

Calories Burned: 500

I like to do these workouts when I have no idea what I want to do, or when I’m feeling unmotivated because it keeps me busy.

Then I came home and had a fabulous bowl of oats (sorry, no pics)

Apple Pie Oats: 3/4 C. Oats, 1 Apple diced and cooked in, top oats with 1/4 c. almond milk, ½ tsp. Smart Balance, 1 tbsp. pb. SO GOOD! And I have to say, SO FILLING!, I definitely see why Jenna over at www.eatliverun.com eats the 3/4 c. serving on work days because it seriously kept me full for 5 hours, which never happens!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have school, so I headed over to school and then raced to work at 1:00 where I had the following bowl of deliciousness: 1 Fage, 1 banana, a handful blackberries, 2/3 c. TJ Fiber Cereal, ½ C. Kashi Probiotic Cereal, ½ c. Pumpkin, mixed together. Mmmm.

Well, I’m off to actually do some work here, I’ll try and do a post tonight, I think I’m going to post my La Jolla Half Marathon training schedule later, it’s on April 26th, so time to make sure I’m ready to rumble!

Oh, and  I’m running out of time here, but here’s a couple promised pics:

 Me, Halloween ’08

 My cousin Kelly and I September ’08

 Kelly and I at her baby shower, Sep. 08


Me, my Best Friend Leah, and my friend Zach celebrating Leah’s 21st. Yeah, it was one of those nights, lol.

And, last but not least:

 lol. : )

Question: How much time do you spend on food blogs every day, both reading and writing if you have one? And for those of you that work at a desk, how much of that is company time?

I’m guilty of ‘prolly a couple hours!

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